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hello, so i have created a new business process that i want to use a specific template to send customer on ticket logged and closure. I have manually set which template to use however it keeps on sending the default one I use for Itsupport. how do I change this?



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HI Gareth,

 email notifications concerning call logging and call closure would indeed be configured in the BPM and by the sounds of it you've updated/included the relevant nodes in your BPM to contain the name of the template you now want to be sent.

If its still sending the old one, have you published this new version of your BPM? Publishing is necessary in order to make any changes you have made active. The video below is taken from the  following wiki page and describes the BPM publishing feature in more detail: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Business_Process_Designer


Let me know if this helps, a screen shot of your email notification node may assist with some further context if publishing turns out not to be the issue.

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If you set the System Timeline Update to Manual and Yes, then retest after publishing. 

This should put a timeline entry on the request saying it has sent an email using the template xxxxxx. You can also then view the email from the more actions. Least this will tell you if the node you think is sending the email is the one that is doing it.



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