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Attachments not attaching

Steve Giller

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I'm getting reports that attachments are not attaching to some my Requests.
The default settings are all untouched, so I believe that the size limit is 10Mb - that missing attachments are all under this size, and are documents (pdf, doc etc.) so should not be blocked.
I can't find any errors in the logs and the ProCap appeared to have attached them correctly - but on "arrival" with the supporting team there was no attachment on the call.

While I'm tracking down call numbers, actual files etc. is there something that I may have missed that could cause this?


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@DeadMeatGF Let me investigate this and get back to you. What I would find useful at this stage is where is this issue being experienced? Are you raising requests using the customer portal, emails or are you using Hornbill application to raise requests? When you said some requests, it sounded like it is not happening consistently. Could you also clarify on whether for each and every request raised with an attachment, the attachment is not coming through?





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