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report only shows 6000 entries?

lee mcdermott

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i am trying to run a report to see how many calls in total we logged in Hornbill since going Live last April until the end of the year 2017.

It first returned 6000 in total for Incidents and Changes. So I amended the filter for only Service requests and this also returned 6000 entries. 

Too much of a coincidence I think.


So is there a setting that limits reports to 6000 entries?

Also it does not create a PDF - is this because the output is to large?

I fi reduce the time period to 1 or 2 months it does create a pdf





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There is a setting: api.xmlmc.queryExec.maxResultsAllowed (although it being set to 6000 by default is incorrect I am sure) so you might want to try that. 

I would make the change, run the report, and then change it back to its current setting. As @Victor says 'Use with caution' 


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@Dan Munns


funny you should say that as once I had posted this originally - I thought  Iwould create a measure to see if I can just get that figure. It does seem to have generated a figure which seems about right.


thanks for the help. I will still try the report setting to see if that does allow the report to run

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@Dan Munns On my test system the default is 1000 and not 6000. It is possible someone else needed more results to be returned and they set it to 6000 but I would bring it back down.  




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@Dan Munns @lee mcdermott I would not advise to set it to the very maximum because even setting it at 10000 may have an impact on performance.  How about running the report in such a way that it returns calls logged first quarter, second quarter, and so on of a particular year. I am not sure how busy your desk is but am sure you would be best placed to judge roughly how many calls were logged in a particular period and what kind of report can return valid results.




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@Dan Munns so your memory is correct there is a 25000 max limit on the reports. 

@lee mcdermott There are also a couple of other considerations. 

If you are trying to create a report and output it to PDF then the above limit it overwritten to restrict the size of the HTML which in turn is converted to PDF, this is hard set at:

reporting.display.maxcolumns = 20


If the PDF generation exceeds this limit the PDF generation will fail and the reason will be written to the log. 

You can still create reports and output them to CSV etc to the limit you have set on your instance up to the maximum of 25000

For these higher value type requirements like total requests logged last year, then widgets on the dashboard should happily return you the values be this in total, year on year, quarterly etc, as demonstrated in the example below (this specific one and others are available for review in the sandbox instance)


I have updated the relevant wiki page to this effect


Hope that helps


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