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Broken Dates "12-09YYYY"


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Hi Hayley,

I have had a look but I've not been able to replicate this.  Am I right in thinking that your screen shot is from the CSV export and displayed in Excel?  If not, let me know where you are viewing this result.

The screen shot below is taken from the Data Preview option which is under the Data Collection Tab when creating a report.  I was wondering if you get the YYYY displayed here too?  





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Hi Hayley,

Could you open up the CSV download in Notepad and let me know the format of the date and if the YYYY exists there too.  Excel will do a date format conversion based on your regional settings on you computer.  I'm not sure about the PDF.   If the Data Preview shows the date in the correct format we need to determine at what point the format is changed.



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Hey James,

This is what it is saying in Notepad:

Request ID,Created by,Team Name,Service Name,Catalog,Catagory,Priority Name,Summary,Date Logged
"IN00030652","AshwoD","BLOCK - Networking Team","Network Support","Report a Network Issue","","P3","Unable to connect to GO-EPIC",03-01-YYYY 12:08:32
"SR00030755","AshwoD","Storage and Backup","Infrastructure Support","Storage and Backup (Service Request)","Folder/File Restore (Over 1 week)","P3","Recover 'Letter to local Authority' from backup",04-01-YYYY 08:32:24
"IN00030770","AshwoD","BLOCK - Networking Team","Network Support","Report a Network Issue","","P3","Guest and sponsor portal not working (GP1:",04-01-YYYY 09:17:08
"SR00031354","AshwoD","Service Desk","Printing","Xerox Printer's (Service Request)","YH Basement","P4","Please allocate a fixed IP for the following printers which are being moved to SW08",09-01-YYYY 11:05:13
"SR00031865","AshwoD","BLOCK - Networking Team","Network Support","Network Support (Service Request)","IP Activation","P3","Chnage static IP reservations for printers being moved from SW02 to SW05",11-01-YYYY 16:09:43
"SR00031952","AshwoD","BLOCK - Networking Team","Network Support","Network Support (Service Request)","Other","P3","Audit the N7K and 6509 chassis to confirm last hardware support date for linecards",12-01-YYYY 10:35:35
"SR00031961","AshwoD","BLOCK - Networking Team","Network Support","Network Support (Service Request)","Other","P4","Commission LoRA access point for internet connected soap dispensers",12-01-YYYY 10:59:57
"SR00032416","AshwoD","BLOCK - Networking Team","Network Support","Network Support (Service Request)","Other","P4","Provide switchport VLAN details in preparation for the tidy up of YH05 hub room",16-01-YYYY 11:48:11
"IN00032592","AshwoD","BLOCK - Networking Team","Telephony Support","Telephony Support (Incident)","","P3","CUCM is operating with an insufficient number of licenses",17-01-YYYY 10:31:42
"SR00032611","AshwoD","BLOCK - Operations Centre","Telephony Support","Telephony Support (Service Request)","Other","P3","Expressway certificates are expiring on FRIDAY 19th January. They need to be renewed.",17-01-YYYY 11:03:26
"SR00032892","AshwoD","BLOCK - Networking Team","Network Support","Network Support (Service Request)","Other","P3","Allow inteng01/02/03 to access PSINE services on N3",18-01-YYYY 14:37:27
"IN00034554","AshwoD","BLOCK - Networking Team","Network Support","Report a Network Issue","","P4","DMARC is blocking polidoris.com domain emails",31-01-YYYY 08:18:39
"IN00031965","BlazeJ","BLOCK - Operations Centre","Telephony Support","Telephony Support (Incident)","","P4","Link to GOSH ISDX Via GO-PABX-VG30D-01 is down",12-01-YYYY 11:10:22
"SR00032631","BlazeJ","BLOCK - Networking Team","ICT Projects","ICT Projects (Service Request)","","R99 (Outside SLA)","EAP-TLS profile for GO-Red on Centrify",17-01-YYYY 11:41:35



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In Admin -> System -> Settings -> Advanced can you search for the setting system.regionalSettings.dateTimeFormat and change the format as you currently have a format set which is invalid with an uppercase YYYY instead of lowercase yyyy which is causing the dates to get incorrectly formatted.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 14.51.06.png

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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