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Supporting teams restriction not working


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I have just noticed that requests can now be assigned to all teams. See attached images. This is a major problem for us as we now have at least three areas of the business using the system and requests logged under Estate Service (in the attachments) should not be able to see any IT team. This has caused us a problem today as a mystery request appeared in all of our dashboards but it could not be located as we do not support the service it was logged under.

It is also an issue as we have a fairly large list of teams now, but for most services the subset should be much smaller.

This did not happen previously. It was a key thing we tested before launching. As far as I know, no setting related to this has been changed.

Servicemanager.progressiveCapture.servicedetails.enableSupportVisibility is set on.



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I have tested and the progressive capture is behaving normally as you'd expect with the setting I mention above.

However, I can find no mention anywhere of a setting that stops teams that don't support a service appearing on requests for that service.

This definitely did not happen previously. All requests were restricted to supporting teams. I was often asked why a certain request could not be reassigned to another team (because they don't support that service was my answer) but now, all teams arevisible.

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This seems to have been resolved, however, I have noticed this morning that calls have been assigned to team which are literally only set up as subscriber groups and as such don't support any services. 

Is there a quick way of showing tickets assigned to these teams as I cant set up a view to see them as they don't support any service they don't show in the list. 

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@Dan Munns @DeadMeatGF @chrisnutt At this stage, I think the best approach is for me to contact you separately and find out the extent of the issue. As it may require an understanding of the current situation on each of your instances after an update, I will be in touch shortly.



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@DeadMeatGF I was not able to replicate this issue today. I noticed your last post was from the other day. Is this issue still happening today? Kindly update me and I will investigate further



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