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Hi There,


Apologies if I have missed something.  We have noticed that any calls we log for an incident they appear to be 'Added to the Board'...I don't believe we have made any amendments to our existing BPs? 

Is this to do with the recent platform update?

I do like the fact that the icon on the action bar appears Green so we can tell at a glance that this has been attached to the board, as the team manually add to the board when the need required.  However; if all of them appear to be adding to a board then I can't use this to my advantage.


Hope you can assist.



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@Shamaila Yousaf

I am 100% sure that any platform or application updates would not cause this. There are only two ways a call ends up added to a board, one is if you add it manually and the other is if you have a BPM that is adding calls to the board.  I suspect something has change in your BPM's


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@shamaila.yousaf one other area to check is your supporting service level timer escalation actions, there is an option here to have the requests added to a board, so it might be worth checking which SL's are running against these Incidents, and if any escalations actions are configured to add these Incidents to your Boards?


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Thanks for the update @DeadMeatGF.  I'd be interested to know what you think about having the Boards Action set as green when the request is associated to a board? It was intended to draw your attention and show that a board has been associated, instead of having to click on the Boards Action to find out if it is or not.



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