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BPM - Add and Remove Assests

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There does not seem to be any BPM methods to interact with Assests.

We would ideally want the ability to Add or Remove Assests, either linked to the Contact/CoWorker or Organisation/Team, using a search criteria. Where the criteria matches more than one assets we would want to add them all.

Then the ability to query linked Assets, again using a search criteria, in order to access all their parameters including customer fields. In this case I presume this would need to only return one row, if the outcome of the request is to be  successful.



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+1 - more interaction with assets, especially via the BPM is quite an important one.

In addition that what you have said, I hope that someday we can auto-link assets with other assets via the BPM (for example linking an Application a New Starter requires, to their laptop in Hornbill)... or even being able to include multiple users in the "Used by" field against an asset, via the BPM.

This will help automate things a lot where this is concerned, by helping keeping the data up-to-date.

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The ability to interact with assets as part of a BPM would be really useful. We're looking to incorporate asset management into more of our process, in particular our site mobilisation and decommission processes where are managing multiple assets as part of a process. Being able to look up assets and update their fields (i.e. 'in stock' to 'deployed' would be extremely useful in streamlining, and controlling process. At the moment, we're relying on human intervention too much, which can lead to mistakes and quality issues. 

Any ideas @Steven Boardman?



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I think that I have asked for something similar previously as in the PCF you can get choose an asset via a dynamic picker, but this does not associate the asset to the request it just adds it as a question answer. The only way to actually add the asset is to use the asset node, but this is too cumbersome for what we wanted to use.

The ability to action things in the BPM dependent on assets/class would be good, also to add/remove at various points too.

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