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BPM - Ability to add and remove followers

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Though there are methods in the BPM to allow you to add and remove Members, I do not seem to be able to locate the same functionality for 'Followers'. 

We want to be able to add/remove followers in the BPM, as follower's will get hornbill notifications, where members do not.



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At the moment "Following" is an action that has to be done by the individual that wants to do the following.  We have tried to follow on from how other tools use following.  For example, in Twitter you can choose to follow someone, but another account nor Twitter themselves would be able to add users to your following list.

Something that we are looking at is the ability to prompt someone to follow something.  For example if you are added as a member of a request you could receive a prompt to say that you have been added as a member to  request xxxxx, would you like to follow this request?



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