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Question on raising requests from servicedesk


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We just set up a CI where staff can raise suggestions for making improvements in forms and processes for our instance of Hornbill.

This is set up as a separate service which has our Hornbill admin team as supporting team and the rest of the staff as subscribers.

When testing our staff cannot raise requests for this service from "within", only through the portal. Is this due to them only being subscribers and not part of the supporting team?

How should we set up this to allow for staff to raise tickets but only our admin team to work with them?

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The application setting servicemanager.progressiveCapture.servicedetails.enableSupportVisibility might help here, turning it off will reveal all of the Services for selection even if they're not supported by the current user. This of course applies to all Services and not just the one you've mentioned in your post.

If turning that off is not an option, then the Requests would have to be raised through the Portals.

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1 minute ago, Steven Boardman said:

@HHH just to add here, i assume the CI is set Visibility to Both ?


Yes, the visibility is set to both but I'll look into servicemanager.progressiveCapture.servicedetails.enableSupportVisibility.

Thanks both of you.

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