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Email attachment capture


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Hi All,

Please can anyone advise if they have come across the following.

So we have it setup that the routing rules auto log emails to tickets for us. This seems to work well with one exception where i can't see any attachments that were appended to the original email.

In the old Support works platform we could see them in the call diary attachments.

Any advise on how to over come this without impacting our users by us keep asking for the original email again.

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Thanks Lyonel...:)


To the Dev guys..

Any change you can look at the feature in the old platform as again another feature that has been lost on this new product that we found crucial as part of self service.

We are offering the option to email in but if we cant get the attachments its not worth us offing it, But it accounts for 40-45% of all cases logged.

can we open a discussion to build this in somehow?


@Victor Would you be able to point this to the correct location/person please :D

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@J_Tamburrini @Lyonel


...or this...

As mentioned by James in one of these threads: "We do have additional changes in our backlog to improve the management of attachments when using Email Routing Rules along with better visualization in the timeline that an email includes attachments."

@Lyonel - is not really an issue with the system, it was always like this: routing rules are not processing attachments from emails. Not yet anyway...

@J_Tamburrini - Supportworks and Hornbill are completely different products and Hornbill is not an "upgrade" of Supportworks I'm afraid... although SW and HB do have common elements and we have implemented functionality that exists in SW, there is nothing "lost" as it was never existing in the first place :) ... this if you look at SW and HB as separate products, not one being a continuation of the other :) 

But, my rambling now over ( :D ), I do understand the inconvenience... maybe @James Ainsworth has more insight if more thought has been put in routing rule processing the attachments (although he described some challenges and issues arising from implementing such functionality)

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