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PCF design - Attachment too large

Steve Giller

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We are offering a Reprographics function as a Service to our staff and have discovered an issue with large files.

Obviously we want to keep a hard limit on upload size, but at present that leaves us with a Request that gets sent with no attachment and therefore nothing to print.

Ideally if the attachment is too large we'd like to branch to a special ProCap form where you can paste a link to a OneDrive copy of the file. (We don't want to simply make the Attachment mandatory, as then you get into an endless "I have to, but I can't" loop and our Customers can't cope with that!) An alternative would be to wait until the BP kicks in and test for the presence of an attachment and then place the Request on hold, and email the Customer informing them that they must have missed the warning and asking them to update the Request with a link. Possibly both, as a belt & braces approach.

Is this currently achievable, and if not could something like this be considered?

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