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BPM Decision for Activities/Tasks


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We have a procurement process in Hornbill and the last activity that runs on the process asks 3 questions "Kit Built", "Delivery" and "Collection"

I want the process to resolve and close after one of these options is selected. However when it resolves and closes I want it to pick the correct Resolution category and text and closure code.

I wondered if there was a Decision node (like when you select your progressive capture question outcome to send the process down a different path) for the activity outcomes?

Any ideas?


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2 hours ago, yelyah.nodrog said:

I would also like to point out that I tried just adding different stages to the call, and having Goto if stages however it wont let me do more that 1 or 2 on the progressive capture business process before it breaks? So not sure if I'm doing something wrong there?


Can you give me some more details on this? I am not sure I understand what the issue is... :( 

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