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Issue raising a project

Darren Rose

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I'll do my best to explain the scenario we're currently having an issue with, so please hang in there :)

ISSUE: when raising a project, all tasks are being assigned to Darren Rose, even though they shouldn't be. 

We use the ibridge connector to raise a project from an SR. 

Our Ibridge is currently setup as such. the Project Manager field is blank. 


It raises a project using our IT project template

In the project template, the tasks are set with no assignee



In the Stakeholders, there is no PM set, and I have a role we created call IT Governance



However, when the project is raised via the iBridge, I am being picked as the PM and the tasks are being assigned to me. This happens even when I have not been involved in any way on the ticket used to trigger the ibridge connector.


Any ideas? I cannot find where it may be picking me up from... 






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@Darren Rose when you look at the project, are you set as the Project Manager? When you create projects through an iBridge operation, is it using an api key that is linked to your user account? My initial suspicions are that the platform requires a task to always have an assignee and will set the assignee to be the user who created it if an assignee is not provided. This looks like it will require a change to the way tasks work on the platform so I will raise this internally and post back here when I get a response.



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If you go into the admin tool and look under system >> security >> keysafe and then select Hornbill (you'll probably only have the 1 iBridge connector). You'' be able to see the api key that's being used. If that is one that is associated to your user profile (which I suspect it is) then it will technically be you who is creating the project. 

The app setting that adds the project creator as the owner (which I assume is switched on) is then setting you as the Project Manager. If you turn this app setting off then the project should create with no project manager.


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