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Report on PCF answers


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Not sure if I should be starting a new thread  as this one is quite old, but I am trying to do something similar.

We have a translation service and we ask in the progressive capture what language is the translation to and from.

I got some of the way there and can get either of the answers by specifying the question

"Which Language would you like to translate into"  and it gives me a list of those answers.  Or the other way round works, I can get the From Language records

I want to see both what language the translation was from as well as to so we can show the most requested translations etc.

Could someone give me some hints on how to achieve this or what I need to change to make this possible





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@HGrigsby seems that I've hurried when I mentioned the word report...  this can be done with SQL but I'm quite sure you can't have the required SQL statement in a report :( 

The Statement that will give you what you need is:

SELECT h_entity_ref AS Request, GROUP_CONCAT(h_answer SEPARATOR '-') as LangFromTo
FROM h_itsm_questions
WHERE h_question IN ('<question_ID_Language_From>','<question_ID_Language_To>')
GROUP BY h_entity_ref

The key function here is GROUP_CONCAT which does not exist in reports...

You could run this statement in DB direct then export the result. The information you need is outputted in "LangFromTo" field which will be something like: "Language From" dash "Language To" (e.g: English-Spanish)

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Thank you for the response and suggestion and apologies for not coming back to you sooner. 

I would have preferred that the results were able to be displayed in a report though.  Is there anything I can change on the PC or BPM to make it work in the future?

I have tried running this but get no records to display message.  The query looks right, I changed the field name to match ours

Lang_To and Lang_From

Any suggestions?  Thanks Helen



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Hi @HGrigsby am I correct in thinking you want a report similar to this but to show questions and answers you need at the same time from a specific PC? 


So your question column would be 'Which Language would you like to translate into' and the answer to that question needs to be in the next column? 

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On the chance this is the report you need you can use the attached and change the first filter to match the name of the catalog item the translation requests are logged under. 

I have assumed that the question is exactly "Which Language would you like to translate into" (minus quotes) if it isn't then you can change the third filter to the exact question you are looking for. 


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3 hours ago, HGrigsby said:

Is there anything I can change on the PC or BPM to make it work in the future?

@HGrigsby hmm... actually this... this is not a bad idea... !!! :) ... and I can't believe I haven't thought of it... :unsure:

So yes, you can configure the PCF and map the "language from" and "language to" with custom fields on request table... then you create a very simple report on requests table that displays these two custom fields...

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@Dan Munns nothing wrong with the report, however, the challenge was to display two different answers (and questions) on the same line in the report... answers that are stored in two distinct records... the aim was basically to only have a line for each request... the report you presented creates two lines for the two different answers... although not incorrect, not at all, but I don't think is the wanted format :)

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