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Automatically archiving staff leavers

Steve Giller

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Is this straightforward to achieve?

We're currently using the LDAP import to activate/update Users overnight, but that means that staff leavers remain on the system. Is there a way of picking up the Disabled flag on an account and setting that user to Archived, or failing that, a simple way to archive all Users prior to running the import, which can be set to activate them?

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Here is our archive LDAP tool .json (renamed .txt) 

We run the import first then the archive.

This has obviously been sanitised so you just need to populate the fields marked with <INSTANCE> etc. 

It is basically the same as our (old, we have made more than a few changes since) import with a couple of changes to what status the account is set to. 


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Yeah we used to stick disabled users in our 'Z Cleanup' OU but once they went there they seemed to be forgotten and left forever more. Now we disable them in place for 30 days and delete. 

Also means than anyone we disable who needs to be re enabled for any reason stays in the OU they belong rather than us trying to remember where they are supposed to be. 

The LDAP tool makes life easy anyway :)


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