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Attachments within the resolve action


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Hi all,

Is there anyway to enable the capability to add attachments to the resolution action?

As a scenario example, we receive requests to retrieve documents and files from a legacy system, we'd like to be able to attach the required document and resolve in the same action.

Thanks in advance


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On 11/20/2019 at 11:36 PM, James Ainsworth said:

Hi Adam,

This change is still in our backlog and not yet currently scheduled.  I'll be sure to update this post when this changes.

Thanks James - it will make our customers happy. at present, they get two emails one form the resolutions and one from the email if an attachment is required.

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Hi all,

We have transitioned from SupportWorks to Service Manager. However when resolving a request within SupportWorks we were able to add an attachment to the Resolution. 

I don't think this is something we can do within Hornbill, but I wanted to double check and see if there are any options I may have missed at all? Currently we send our Resolution text out using an email template. I know we could manually send an email out to the Customer with the attachment, but I was looking to be able to have an option perhaps on the Resolved tab to add an attachment? Would this even be possible?

Many thanks !

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