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"Invalid email template"

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Put simply - the BP failed (see attached) because the template was invalid, however this was not the case.
Can you see if this is something at my end or yours, and advise on how I can prevent this from happening again?
The process restarted successfully, but this is a service run by a team that have minimal IT knowledge and I'm not giving them the ability to restart it themselves ;)

Screenshot 2018-02-21 15.35.01.png

Screenshot 2018-02-21 15.44.27.png

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36 minutes ago, DeadMeatGF said:

as long as I can hold my hands up and say there's nothing I should have done to prevent it, I'm good!

It does not seem to be something you've done, most likely something on the server happened briefly and when Hornbill tried to find the template it could not locate it... if it did not happen again, meaning it is not consistent I would say is all good ;) 

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