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Good Afternoon all,

Please can someone advise what and where i can find the permission to allow my staff to reopen a resolved case.

Also the ability to Cancel a ticket.


i have been looking at https://admin.hornbill.com/carterjonas/accounts/roles/

and under a modified role for Incident Management users searching the Data base rights under h_itsm but from here i got lost and confused as i couldn't see anything obvious to select

thanks all


and happy Friday!!B)



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Morning all,


Another one relating to permission is anyone has come across it ?

We have a custom role that works for 2 out of 4 guys...


when they try to log an IR it fails over on the point where they have to select a Service but it works for me and another team member?? we all share the same permissions. any help would be great :wacko:





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