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Notifications - Request Links to have summary pop up

Martyn Houghton

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When viewing your notifications, it would be good to have a summary pop up/dialog window open when you hover over ones are relate to updates on a request which is assigned to you. Where as at the moment you have to open the notification to view it to determine which customer/organisation/request it relates to and then the notification is removed from your list.





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Hi Martyn,

Thanks for your post.

I would be interested to hear from other customers their thoughts on more pop-ups.  The problem I would find with the pop-up resulting in the notification being removed is that as you mouse around a screen you may already notice the pop-ups sometimes appear when you don't expect them to.  I wouldn't want a notification to be removed as a result of this.

I think that we can improve on the content of the notification.  One might also argue that having a little less info on a notification which leads you to open the full request is a positive thing.  Not only does this make you see the bigger picture of everything going on in the request, it will also clear all the other notifications that you might have for this request in your notification list.



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