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Fourth option for catalogue visibility

Paul Alexander

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Basically this is just a nudge on this topic: 




I was wondering if there'd been any more thought about having a 4th option for visibility of Catalogue Items (an Email only option in this case). We've got a few catalogue items which are only used when an email is autologged, but the analysts every now and then choose this option when logging 'normal' tickets.....so being able to hide the catalogues from both the Portals and the Service Desk, but leave them still available to Email logging would be great.




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@Paul Alexander as a work around to this I have created auto logging services for each team, set the visibility to portal only (on the catalog items) and set the portal visibility of the service to off.

I have set the supporting teams as usual but have set a single subscriber of System Admin

Finally i have set  app.itsm.progressiveCapture.customerDetails.showOnlySupportedRequests to on.

So if an analyst is logging a call, it will only show calls the both the analyst / user support / are subscribed to. As the analyst is a supporter of the email service, but no user is subscribed, they can never log a ticket manually against the service. 

Also because they are set to portal only and are hidden on the portal they cannot raise tickets against them (as a fool proof method) 

This is working for us at the moment so it may help you for now. 

But the ideal would be a fourth option.

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To be fair I have my Friday head on most days. 

I have just added a few teams to our instance so needed a way of stopping tickets being logged incorrectly (because you know, everyone pays loads of attention in training) now so I came up with the work around. Not too much work to be fair. 

All I need now is the ability to remove the drop down arrow next to Raise New, or the ability to 100% force the selection of a catalog item to stop people logging tickets against just the service and I will have it cracked (finally :))

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