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Incident From Email


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We've set up a routing rule to automatically log alerts from our Nagios instance for issues such as disk space.

When Nagios sends an email with the expression in the subject line the rule does not log a call. However if we forward the email from an analyst the rule triggers and a call is raised. I did suspect this was because Service Manager didn't recognize the sending email address so I created a basic user matching the address Nagios sends from but this didn't resolve the issue.

Anyone had a similar issue?



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@David_Wilson had a quick look at event logs after 9 am and I can see two attempts to log a request from Nagios, at 09.34 and 10.42. Both failed because Hornbill was unable to locate an existing user or contact with that email address... when was the Nagios user added? If it was created before any of these attempts, was the email with "Disk Usage WARNING" in the subject?

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