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Bulk Update Email Messages

Oscar Stankard

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Hi there,

We use Service Manager to manage our main support inbox but for a period the SM version of the system was not being used (mail still coming in) and there are now a large number of messages that remain unread between 6 and 9 months back.  At the moment we're incrementally going through and marking them as read manually as and when we can spare time but for some reason you're no longer able to tick the top email and control click the bottom one and then mass update them (mark as read in our case).  It seems if you scroll too far your original selection is lost and this process can only be done for about a hundred messages (am told this used to work differently and this was formerly possible but don't know that for myself).

Please can I understand if there are any ways to run SQL on the back end to programmatically update the message statuses or if anyone knows of a better way to do this via the front end UI.  The only place this is an issue are the various badges that appear on email icons indicating "99+" etc emails are unread and we'd like that to return to the actual number of emails we've not yet read so we get some value from it.

We currently have about 30k emails to mark as read and this would take someone about a day to do manually using our current best method, any thoughts appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,


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Hi Oscar,

Thanks for your post. 

I had a look at the option for selecting multiple emails.  I have a folder with 129 emails.  By clicking on the checkbox on the first email, then scrolling down to the bottom of the list, I am able to hold the Shift key down then select the checkbox on the last item in the list and all emails between the two are included in the selection.  This is nowhere near the numbers that you have and I'm not sure of a limit.  You did mention that you used control click and just wanted to confirm that it is actually shift click.  Give that a try and let us know if you still come across a limit when selecting.




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