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Hi Alisha,

Thanks for your post.

I don't believe that there are any options to control the positioning of the images at the moment.  There is always the possibility of adding more support for wiki markup in the future.  The existing wiki markup has been added to over time and I'm sure that more options will be provided in the future.  

If you have a particular form that you are trying to configure with multiple images, could you post a screen shot here just to give a reference of what you are trying to achieve.

Many thanks,


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What I have done to overcome this is take a screen grab of my two images and make a new image with the two images combined.  It does add some extra steps and prep doing this but it might give you something to work with until there are some more options.  I have also found that putting the images together in a single image can make it a little easier when it comes to having different images of different sizes.



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