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ESP Conditions using text


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I'm trying to improve some email templates using ESP Conditions but I am having some difficulty.

First of all, in my progressive capture I have set the attached to go into h_custom_a. However, the display value is what is populating the database and not the value.

This leads onto my second problem. Can the ESP Conditions use text? I've done an ESP Condition that says 

{{.H_custom_a}} = "No"


{{.H_custom_a}} = 'No'

and even 

{{.H_custom_a}} = No

None of which seem to work; the lines that I want to show when the 'No' option has been selected (so making the above condition true) do not appear at all.

Am I making a mistake?




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@chrisnutt because the validation is made on both values being the same type (e.g. both string or numbers, etc...). For example this: {{.H_custom_a}} = 'No' is interpreted by the server as No = 'No'. therefore no match. So, to ensure both values are the same type for server parsing, you need this:

'{{.H_custom_a}}' = 'No'


*EDIT: by the way, in your example above, {{.H_custom_a}} = No won't work either because you need a string comparison so quotes are needed...

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