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Odd response timer behaviour


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I'm noticing some odd response behaviour on some of our requests. For example, we have an incident with a medium priority. The medium priority should have a response time of 4 hours, which it does when I look at it. However, it says it failed after 2 hours. Looking at the amend service level on that incident (attached) I can see it has got two response times. One is two hours, so it makes sense that it failed on the earlier one however that is a completely phantom service level as far as I can make out. I am also seeing these phantoms on high priority incident and major incident service levels

We are having a push on getting our response levels up to as close to 100% as possible and things like this are, during report review time, at best embarrassing.

For anyone at Hornbill wanting to check the request in question is IN00072015 but I think it is happening to others too.

Any ideas?




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@chrisnutt indeed, for some (yet unknown) reason, the "It Standard" - "Medium Priority Incident" has 2 response timers... one for 2 hours and one for 4 hours (this one visible in the UI). The 2 hours one is the "phantom" one and the reason why the issue occurs... Having 2 response timers configured on an SL is or should be an impossible scenario, I need to have a look and see how I can fix this and then see how this could have happened...

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Thanks @Victor

I have my monthly review with the Head of IT and Finance Director on Thursday morning. It would be really good to have an explanation for this - even if it is something I've done wrong (from their point of view, especially if I've done something wrong I'd expect!). I understand if not though, just looking to have my expectations set I guess.


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10 minutes ago, chrisnutt said:

even if it is something I've done wrong (from their point of view, especially if I've done something wrong I'd expect!)

@chrisnutt no,  don't think you done something wrong, it's most likely a defect in Hornbill...  still investigating. I think I can fix the underlying issue quite quickly, however, I still don't have an answer on how this happened... so if the issue is rather urgent I should be able to fix it today...


As a side note, regarding expectations.... https://community.hornbill.com/topic/10323-need-a-guaranteed-response-to-an-unanswered-forum-post/ :) . And as another side note, you are subscribed to Premier Success plan :) 


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