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Social Media Links in Customer Portal


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We have Customer Portal and there are no social media links. In settings Home=>System=>Manage Portals=>Customize Customer Portal. All Social Media Links are 0. And that's ok.

But when customer log in to the Portal those links are there again. How I can remove or hide those social media links from inner sites of Customer Portal?

Best Regards,


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Hi @David Hall

Thank you for your answer!

I thought that this was something to do with translations and I was right. But those links were in translations two times and I just setup the first ones.

But when I go further there were those social links second time and when I changed those translations. I got it right. Now the social links are not shown.5a813347d871c_SocialmedialinksinCustomerportaltranslationsettings.PNG.53bb52f96eddbcd3a1e90cd7695b77dd.PNG



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