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Change the default global search option


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@Victor Well.......

In my instance, using Chrome and selecting main panels I can observe the following.

Home > Workspaces
Customers > Contacts
Service Manager > Requests
Asset Manager > No Change from last selection
Config Manager > No Change from last selection
Documents > Document Tags
Time Sheet > No Change from last selection

I would have thought that Asset manager defaulted to Assets (and maybe config manager too) 

Would still like an all option though.

(I have seriously never noticed the contextual changes though. Although it seems wherever I am I always want to search something else anyway) 


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On 2/9/2018 at 1:28 PM, Victor said:

This search option is context sensitive... it changes depending on what area you navigate to (requests, workspaces, contacts, documents, etc.)

@Victor Hi, Further to this, we would also like the option to change the default. Whilst it is context sensitive upon initial log in is more likely to want to search for a Request rather than a Co-Worker. Similarly, when viewing a workspace item I am more likely to want to then search for a Request rather than another workspace item - and so on. If we could have the option of setting an initial default, in our case we would set 'Requests', but also for it to either then 'persist' so it would remain as 'Requests' no matter where you are, or 'context' so it then changes once you move from the initial screen. Thanks

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we often start the start for request follow by assets and documentation. I must have admitted, I have never actually search for Co-Worker...yet. :blink:


So this change in setting to set default would be great benefit for us.

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