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Widgets - Display open and on-hold incidents/service requests


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Hi all,

I've created a dashboard to display are call stats but having some trouble getting the SQL query to show open and on-hold requests. Below is what I have currently, but when I add  OR h_status='status.onhold it either breaks the widget to show no count, or shows an incorrect figure:

Number of Open Incidents (Using SQL query: h_status='status.open' AND h_requesttype='incident') 

Number of Open Service Requests (Using SQL query: h_status='status.open' AND h_requesttype='Service Request')

Total Open Incidents & Service Requests (Using SQL query: h_status='status.open' AND h_requesttype='incident' OR h_requesttype='service request')

Any suggestions? I'm sure it's something simple, SQL isn't my strong point!

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Hi @dwalby you could try this 

h_status in ('status.open','status.onHold') and h_requesttype='Incident'

h_status in ('status.open','status.onHold') and h_requesttype='Service Request'

h_status in ('status.open','status.onHold') and h_requesttype IN ('Incident','Service Request')

You might also want to consider status.new if you are using that status for new requests via the business process engine 

Hope that helps 


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