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Duplicate notifications?


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I am seeing a lot of duplicate notifications on my profile... Anybody else has the same problem?

For instance, somebody posted something on the workspace, to which I answered. They answered back and I got the same notification twice...

The same thing happens against requests.

Perfect example:



Anybody else experiencing the same thing?


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Hi @Lyonel

I think the duplicate notifications you see are from the mentions, by default you will get a notification whenever someone posts in a workspace you are a member of and you will also get a notification when someone mentions you (with @), so if someone mentions you in a workspace you are a member of you will get a notification for both.  You can control whether you get notified for each post in a workspace or not by going to the membership properties tab in the workspace and clicking Notifications Enabled/Disabled, you will always get the notification when you're mentioned even if this is disabled.

Hope this makes sense

Trevor Harris

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Sorry missed that, the only possibility that you could get a duplicate notification in that case that I'm aware of was if the comment was edited straight after being posted but in that case you would see a difference in the two notification, as the first is the original and the second is the edited.  Not sure if that the case here but not aware of any other circumstance where you would see duplicate mentions like you have there.

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