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Project Manager in Template

Darren Rose

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In a project template, I added a stakeholder and gave them the role of the PM. I hoped this would assign them as the PM when the Project was created via the integration call from Service Manager using the Project Template. However, it didn't and I was still the PM because I created the project. 

Is that by design or is that something that could be looked into? 


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@Darren Rose the iBridge nodes have been updated to give you the chance to specify a project manager on project creation. You can do this by selecting a co worker from the drop down or by injecting the project manager as a variable.

When a project is created, if a project manager has been provided, the system will use them as the project manager and will ignore the application setting that sets the project creator as the project manager. 

If no project manager has been provided on project creation, the system will check the app setting and if it is enabled, it will set the project creator as the project manager.


This will all be available as part of the next project manager update.



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This is great. 

We have run into a small practical issue with the latest update, whereby we cannot change the owner of a task, but only the assignee. Due to the issue we had with the ibridge, we had to hardcode a PM into ibridge, and change it after the project was raised. Since the updated version was released, we cannot change the owner of the tasks so they're now all owned by the default PM... does that make sense? 

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