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Variable for Task Outcome in Emails?


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In our change process, when a change is refered back for further information we would like to have a variable or a way to pull the task information into a email to go out to a customer.

So when one of out agets refers a change at the moment the information goes into the timeline:


Is ther a way to pull this into the email template that goes to the customer to supply more information?


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Hi Hayley

One approach you could use is as follows:

After your task use a Automated Task > Requests > Update Requests > Custom Fields option and using the variable picker in one or a number of the custom fields bring up the variable picker (as shown below).

You can then choose to inject say the outcome or completion reason into the custom fields. 

Once you have the task info you need in the request custom fields, you can include these custom fields as variables in an email template which is then sent out from the business process to the customer


Hope this helps


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