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Linking to Images within Hornbill


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Hi all,

When creating FAQs, known errors, etc. we often add images to the articles for ease of use for the users, from what I understand this can only be done via wiki markup with URLs to the images. (See post from @James Ainsworth here): 

So far I've managed to get by using images readily available on the web for common applications like Microsoft Office, etc. However for bespoke business applications which produce error messages for example we need an alternative solution. I'd be interested to hear how and where Hornbill users are hosting their images for this purpose.

Alternatively, could I raise a feature/enhancement request to simply allow images to be pasted or uploaded to Hornbill? This can already be done on the portal, workspaces, within request updates, etc. but I'm not whether it'd be possible to extend this functionality further for known errors, FAQs, etc.?

Thanks in advance

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@James Ainsworth - Is there any mileage in raising this as an enhancement request? The ability to upload images to Hornbill for Known Errors, etc. would be really useful for us? Currently it's limited to Bulletins I believe.

We do not have a means of uploading images to a URL currently, so I'm having to link to images I find on the web which are not always suitable and in some cases do not exist.

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So far i've resorted to uploading to a OneDrive folder which everyone can access. It's not ideal as users have to be logged in to Office 365 to be able to see the images.

If there was a solution much like what's used on the forums, this would be perfect.



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Guest Paul Alexander

+1 for this request....we currently shy away from adding images where possible because it's not as easy as we'd like!


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