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Cannot take call off hold

Steve Giller

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@DeadMeatGF is because of the response timer... for some reason, Hornbill thinks it should do something with the timer but the timer no longer exists in one of the tables ... and you get the error...

Now, I can (sort of) fix this but I would like to understand first how the scenario occurred... looking into it now...

EDIT: ok, so something happened when the response timer was stopped/marked... like the operation was only partially completed which lead to today's issue. I need to grab the logs from when the timer was stopped and see if there is anything relevant there...

2nd EDIT: ok, so something happened with the response timer at 11:51 when the SL was changed (before the timer is stopped)... as per the timeline update, there is no line referring to response timer... (getting closer)

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@DeadMeatGF right, found the issue. There was an error on the "Update SLA" node in the BP, the second one which triggers once the request is prioritised. It was a silent error, meaning that it was recorded in the logs only. The error occurred when the response timers were updated, right after the current timer was deleted and before the new timer was created... This is why the whole mess up with the response timers on this request...

I have reported this to dev team so they can fix it.

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54 minutes ago, DeadMeatGF said:

Will I be able to resume the call now

Ermm...no... and thinking of it not even after they fix the issue... because the fix will not apply retroactively...

I did mention I can fix this (well, sort of...) ...meaning that you might not like the fix? It will require the response timer to be recreated and then stopped (by myself) so the response SLA will not represent the reality on this request... :( 

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