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Hi all,

We currently have a our Service Desk teams setup as below:

IT Service Desk (Parent)
   1st Line Service Desk (Child)
   2nd Line Service Desk (Child)




Business Intelligance & Reporting

Occasionally members in the 2nd Line Service Desk team need to be able to view and action requests in the 1st line queue in order to provide cover for absence, etc. I could simply add the 2nd line analyst to the '1st Line Service Desk' team, however wouldn't this mean they'd get all the 1st line team notifications, e-mails, etc.? Is there a better way to do it?

Also, the 'IT Service Desk' team is setup as the parent to 1st and 2nd Line teams, this was suggested as part of the original configuration of our instance, however I'm still struggling to understand the benefit of it in practice. I'd just be interested to know how others have structured their teams I guess?


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Hi @dwalby

Do you have your teams set up to support the services that you offer?  If 1st line and 2nd Line support the same services then members of both teams will be able to view and update requests from the request list using the All My Services  default view


This approach means that the 2nd line team would not be bombarded with notifications for the 1st line team but could also assist / act as cover for the 1st line team if needed - would this work?

Another option if 2nd line are not normally allowed to see 1st line support requests is to use the Add Member option on requests, this option allows you to add analysts from other teams (2nd line) and just give them visibility of to that specific request (elevating their rights).

Hope that helps


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