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Export closure category profiles


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Is there a way of exporting the closure category list, we are doing some work in trying to improve what we have created but I can't see an export option. Looks like screen grabs are the best I can do (not ideal)


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Hi @nasimg

You are right, we don't have an export option - I've just had a look for you and have created a query that will extract this in a nice format for you - you can run this in Database Direct
I was hoping to build this as a Hornbill Report, but we currently have a small issue with the joins that we are looking into - once thats resolved, I'll send you the report definition as well. 

Couple of points:

  • If you also need to look at your logging categories, just change the WHERE criteria from ''Closure' to 'Request'
  • This goes down to 3 levels - if you have any more than that, you will need to amend the code  to add these in


    p.h_name as profile_type_name,
    c1.h_name as level_1,
    c2.h_name as level_2,
    c3.h_name as level_3
    h_sys_profiles p
LEFT JOIN h_sys_profiles c1
    ON c1.h_pid = p.h_id
LEFT JOIN h_sys_profiles c2
    ON c2.h_pid = c1.h_id
LEFT JOIN h_sys_profiles c3
    ON c3.h_pid = c2.h_id
    p.h_name = 'Closure'
    level_1, level_2, level_3

I hope this helps

Kind Regards


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No problem @nasimg

Just to go one step further,  one of our developers here have literally just taken the above SQL and created an export option - very much the functionality you were originally looking for:


This will be available in the next admin build, for anyone who has the Superuser Role with Database Direct enabled on your instance. 

Kind Regards




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