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Question on respons/resolution timers


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Just a want to make sure I'm thinking correctly.

When setting up response and resolution timers in the Business process and I for example have an SLA that says 1h response and 6h resolution, I should start both timers simultaneously and stop them at the appropriate places in the BP.

So it should be: start response - start resolution - do respond stuff - stop response - do other stuff and resolve - stop resolution

Not: start response - do respond stuff - stop response - start resolution - do other stuff and resolve - stop resoultion


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@HHH just a quick thought. The "correct" term used here might not be accurate. The business practice do advise that the best way to track the SLA would be as confirmed by @David Hall however, calling it the "correct" way is not entirely... well... correct :) 

I know of few instances/customers that track response and resolve timers independently serialised (so to speak). Meaning the response timers starts and stops and only after the resolve timer starts and stop. Response and resolve are then seen as two independent actions that don't overlap.

However, most practices have the response and resolve actions overlapping, both starting at the same time with response stopped before or at the same time as resolve (but never after).

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