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Email CCs not showing


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I'm sure this is something simple but when viewing emails from the inbox, CC'd users are not displayed (also dont show when opening in full view).  Is there a way to view this?  The helpdesk analysts have commented that this is useful info.

Also, once the email is logged, there is no CC info showing.

Is there a way to switch this on?

Searched the forum but couldnt find anything advising how its done.



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Thanks for the reply Victor.

All that shows for us in that section is who the email was sent to and any attachments.  It doesnt show any CC'd email recipients.  Heres a test email I sent to the service desk.  I CC'd myself and a colleague.  As you can see it doesnt show (some details deleted for privacy).

Does it need switching on somewhere?

email cc.jpg

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I can confirm the issue is now resolved - it was caused by the fact we redirect emails sent to our service desk address onto Service Manager.  We use a system called exclaimer (mainly used for appending signatures to emails).  Whoever built the redirect failed to configure the policy to include the original CC recipients.

I've now added this and we can see who has been CC'd.

Thanks for your help Victor!

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@clampj good news :) ...

I also wanted to apologise for the lack of response to the support request you made on this query. As it was a how do I type of query it was not raised as an incident hence it was not in my immediate attention (no excuse but at least this is the explanation). In any case, the answer to the support request, being a "How Do I" type of query, would have been to raise it on the forums, which you already did... So, no harm was done on this occasion (I hope) but tells me/us to review the request management process... *sigh

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