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Promoting FAQs/Known errors


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Hi all,

As I'm sure everybody does, I'd like to be able to promote the use of our customer self-service portal as much as possible and encourage users to search the FAQs and known errors to identify and attempt fixes themselves.

In cases where a customer has raised an incident and a known error & workaround exists the analyst dealing with it can link the known error to the incident which then populates the 'Solution' section and can be used as the 'Accepted Solution' to resolve the call. In order to encourage the customer to search and use the FAQs and existing known errors in future and highlight when they could've self-served, is there a way in BPM to identify that the known error and workaround have been successfully used and automatically provide a link to it within the resolution e-mail so that the customer can attempt the workaround/fix in future?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @dwalby

I'm not sure if this would help, but have a read here.  That link also contains a video that describes how Published Known Issue work.  We are also working on the ability to show related known issues to a portal user as they are raising a request.  Still some time yet for this feature to be completed, but this too may help once it is available.



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Thanks @James Ainsworth - I've already published the known errors to the portal, however my suggestion was that in cases where a user has not seen or searched for the known error and instead proceeded to raise an incident, an IT analyst then has to pick this up and resolve the incident using the known error and documented workaround (that the user could've done themselves). So at the point of the resolution and subsequent resolution e-mail, the e-mail contains something like the below:

"Did you know, guidance on how to fix future occurrences of this issue yourself is available on our self-service portal here: link to published known error"

I appreciate that the dynamic searching feature is under development, but figured the above would be a good interim measure to encourage users to search the self-service portal themselves for known errors, etc.

Not sure if that is possible but hope that makes sense?

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