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Custom Fields; White Space

Steve Giller

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The new Custom Fields added today are a boon, especially the text fields for the Process I'm currently working on, but is there any way that they could honour leading/trailing whitespace - even if this needs to be a toggleable option?
It seems illogical that I can append text to a multiline field but don't have the ability to ensure that the appended text starts on a new line - in the attached image I need "Email Groups" to be on a new line; the customer does not need access to S:\IT Services Email Groups ...

Screenshot 2018-01-29 10.17.52.png

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This is the update - you'll notice on the first line I have a single full stop - this makes the update work, but is a little ugly.


Access granted to systems.
Visitor System.


If I remove the full stop and either have a blank line 1 (with the text to append on line 2) or a single space on line 1 the first line is ignored and the text is concatenated without white space.


Access granted to systemsVisitor SystemRegisters


I've realised I missed it off the snapshot, but as you can imagine in the node settings I have Append Text : Yes

Screenshot 2018-01-30 12.56.21.png

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