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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1117)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (1117) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • NEW: You can now choose a Release Type when raising a Release Request {CH00146569}
  • NEW: Service Owners can set the default mailbox to be used when sending emails from a Request {CH00148355}
  • NEW: Request popups will now show the date and time that a Request is On-hold until {CH00148456}
  • NEW: When printing a Request you can now filter the timeline by visibility {CH00146893}
  • NEW: Using the app setting 'webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.list.enableNoTeamAllUsers' you can give access to the No Team Assigned view to any Service Manager user {CH00147992}
  • NEW: When creating a new Contact through Progressive Capture, the email address is pre-populated if available {CH00148771}
  • NEW: Software Versioning can now be accessed from a dedicated URL: /servicemanager/asset/types/manage/software {CH00148946}
  • NEW: You can now filter the list of Services by their catalog status {CH00148855}
  • NEW: You can now pin any section of a Request {CH00148713}
  • NEW: The Request Category can now be used as the criteria for a SLA Rule {CH00148783}
  • NEW: Response and Resolution targets are now shown in the mobile app-in-app version of the Request Details {CH00147052}
  • NEW: The Get Request Information BPM operation now includes Service Level and SLA information {CH00149286}
  • NEW: Details of the Owner of a Request are now available in the BPM when using the Get Request Details operation {CH00149352}
  • NEW: You are now able to place a Request on hold through the BPM using a date time value {CH00149197}
  • NEW: You can now branch your Progressive Capture based on where it was raised {KE00140858}
  • NEW: You can now set a Suspend and Wait for Update BPM Workflow node to expire and continue after a predefined amount of time {PM00149440}
  • NEW: Timeline updates that are visible in the Customer or Service Portals now have their visibility highlighted in Service Manager {CH00149429}
  • CHANGE: There are now 5 TEXT, 5 INT and 5 DATETIME custom fields that can be used for storing information against a Request. Find out more on our wiki. {CH00147922}
  • CHANGE: Made the Request List against Contacts and Organisations more consistent {CH00148402}
  • CHANGE: Change Calendar items are now colour coded by their Request status {CH00146583}
  • CHANGE: With the app setting 'guest.app.authorisations.email.revealOutcomes' you can now choose to remove the Outcomes from Authorisation emails. {CH00148568}
  • CHANGE: Requests in the mobile app-in-app are now ordered by the date they were created {CH00148129}
  • CHANGE: When creating SLA targets and events you can now select more than 40 days
  • FIX: You can now unset the expiry time for Service feedback {PM00149518}
  • FIX: You couldn't have more than one Suspend and Wait For Status Change with expiry in a Business Process {PM00149331}
  • FIX: Custom Asset image not displayed in portals progressive capture {PM00148931}
  • FIX: Trying to remove the same Catalog item or Supporting Teams from a Service multiple times would cause errors to appear {PM00149476 and PM00149475}
  • FIX: When updating a Request through an action, the update button is disabled to avoid duplicate Timeline entries {PM00149367}
  • FIX: The outcome of a task is now the first item in the timeline entry making it easier to see why a Request was authorised {PM00149382}
  • FIX: If the related Organisation did not have a site set against it, you could not add an owner to an asset {PM00148919}
  • FIX: The Within Response flag was sometimes incorrectly set during resolution if a Request had no timers {PM00149103}
  • FIX: Updating a Request through the BPM could cause an error to appear in some rare cases {PM00149272}
  • FIX: The Site field would fail to load when editing a Request if there was a Company associated with the Request {PM00148856}
  • FIX: The list of Requests against an Asset are now paginated {KE00146770}
  • FIX: A scrollbar is now shown when there are more than 5 Supporting Teams against a Service {KE00143074}
  • FIX: Translation for Requests label in the Search feature is not always loaded {PM00149238}
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