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Meantime Between Failures

Darren Rose

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Hi @Darren Rose @Joyce

Glad this is working well for you. 
To answer Darrens question, if you would like to filter this down even further to this year only you can add in criteria to the FROM field as per the following:



    (SELECT h_pk_reference,h_ownerid,h_datelogged,
        (SELECT Min(h_datelogged)       
        FROM h_itsm_requests T2       
        WHERE T2.h_datelogged > T1.h_datelogged AND h_fk_priorityname= 'High' AND h_requesttype = 'Incident' AND YEAR(h_datelogged) = YEAR(curdate())) 
        AS NextDate    
    FROM h_itsm_requests T1    
    WHERE h_fk_priorityname= 'High' AND h_requesttype = 'Incident' AND YEAR(h_datelogged) = YEAR(curdate()) ) AS AllDays



I hope this helps

Kind Regards


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@Darren Rose just an update to say in the next Service Manager update, Service Availability metrics will be available, not 100% what you were asking for here but i thought it may be useful from an availability perspective - remembering of course you can change a services status automatically as part of of a business process, and you have the option with this new feature to view MTBF, MTTR and Availability % per SLA per Service


The next update is due in the next week to ten days time

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