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Email delivery confirmation

Richard Wilmot

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Is there a way to confirm that an email sent through Hornbill has made its way to and been delivered to the recipients email server?

We have an third party provider claiming they haven't received an email we sent them asking for a service to be cancelled but we can see it was sent in Hornbill.




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@Richard Wilmot you can check the "Sent Items" folder of your mailbox. If the message appears here it means Hornbill processed for sending. If it does not then it means something happened and Hornbill never received a request to send that email.

If the message does appear it will have an envelope icon. The color of the envelope will show you the current status of the email:

  • Green - the message has been sent from Hornbill and is no longer under its control;
  • Red - the message failed to be delivered;
  • White or Empty - the message is pending delivery;

If you click on the envelope icon it opens a popup window where you have the option to check the delivery status. This is useful to investigate why a message failed to be delivered (red icon) or why is in pending status (white icon) and action accordingly.


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