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Email Delivery Failure Notifications


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Good morning,

As part of the 'I Want to Appoint' process, request owners email contracts of employment to successful candidates via the Recruitment Hornbill mailbox.  They have however reported an issue where they had sent such an email and the recipient was adamant they had not received it.  When they checked, the status of the email had changed to 'delivery failed'.  The problem is that they didn't get any notification that this email wasn't delivered like you would do if the email was sent from outlook.   This could obviously cause problems as the emails sent as part of this process are obviously very important and timely.

Is there a reason why delivery failure notifications are not received in Hornbill mailboxes?  Is this something that can be looked at or is there an alternate solution to easily identify such emails?



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Undelivered emails are placed in the sent items as unread. A green envelope means it has been received, a red envelope means something went wrong.


A great addition on this would be if a notification can be sent when there is a problem sending the email. We now have to keep a look in the mailbox to see if there are any undelivered email. Unless of course, this is already possible.



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