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First post of our new Hornbill era. So still learning!

Trying to generate a graph for teams to show SLA's within fix, SLA's breached and ongoing tasks that are within the SLA but not yet resolved. I'm using the h_withinfix=0 and h_withinfix=1 parameters - however I cannot find a suitable 3rd measure which shows the number of "active jobs" that are still within the parameters of the SLA. Samples I've seen show the h_withinfix='' filter but this seems to duplicate the filter for h_withinfix=0.

Any ideas?

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If you are trying to show them per team then you will need to do something like: 

(h_status = 'status.open' OR h_status = 'status.new' OR h_status = 'status.onhold') AND h_fk_team_name = 'it service desk' AND h_withinfix = 0

You can also show them per analyst by adding  h_ownerid = 'ANALYST NAME'

The two measures you are trying to create in your post will be duplicates as you are asking the same thing. How many tickets are open within SLA. How many tickets are not resolved within SLA. They are the same measure. 

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