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form data not populating requests table


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Hi Guys - one of my guys logged a problem earlier, but the information he entered into a custom form hasn't made it into the ITSM_requests table.


I can see he completed the custom form, as you can see it on the questions in the ticket. but this info hasn't made it into the requests table, which means our auto-email has gone out with information missing. can you have a look please?


ticket number - PM00115787




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@Gary@ADL can you have a look at the questions section, the answer that did not make it into the custom field, is the character count greater than 255? If yes, then this is the reason why the custom field was not populated. The max size of the text that can be stored in a custom field (currently) is 255 characters. Anything greater than this, will not be stored in the custom field.


I said "currently" because the next SM update there are some changes around this functionality, e.g. additional custom fields that allow an unlimited number of characters to be stored.

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