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Minor frustration with UI

Steve Giller

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When I'm dragging from the exit arrow to create/join the next node, the UI regularly drags the existing node as well as creating the link.

While functionally this is a very minor thing, on a larger PC/BP that you have taken great pains to lay out in a readable manner this can be very frustrating. (To the point of making NSFW comments in the office, if I'm honest!)

Could anything be done to reduce the frequency of this happening, please?

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This happens to me mainly when I have about 10 nodes or more on the same screen, the performance of the stage is decreased and causes the issue you mentioned... but there have been a couple of times i've seen this happen with only a few nodes on the screen. I'm used to this issue though it can get a bit annoying, I mainly whisper any NSFW comments, however I might pick up my mouse and "accidentally" drop it from a few centimeters high lol.

It may be dependent on how many nodes there are in the entire Business Process / Progressive Capture and how complex they are, as well as your system / browser performance. Can someone from Hornbill confirm what may be causing the performance drops?



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@samwoo the performance issue will be to do with rendering svg connections. If you have a load of nodes on your stage it means a load of connections which means lots of svg computations. Not really anything can do about it other than say split your nodes up into groups and just expand the group of nodes you want to work on as that means collapsed groups don't show connections which means less overhead when rendering the svg connections. The more powerful your laptop/desktop the better it should be at rendering the svg.

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