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Multiple SLAs


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Can you have multiple (ie more than 2) SLAs within the same workflow that start dependant on an answer to a question in the ProCap?  I may have a scenario in my Minute Taker Request process where there are different SLAs for the request owner to meet re the number of days they have to draft the minutes, depending on what meeting type is selected in the procap so not quite sure how to tackle this yet!?


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Hi @SJEaton

It is only possible to have one SLA invoked against a request, but it is possible to use the SLA rules builder to define which SLA should be invoked so in theory yes you can effectively have multiple SLA's available in a single workflow and then depending on the rules you set within the SLA rules builder on the Service the request is logged against you can have it choose a different SLA / Service Level depending on request variables.

The SLA rules builder will be invoked and evaluated at the point in the workflow where you use the Start Timers.  At this point it will check the SLA's defined against the service the request is logged against, it will look to see if there is one or multiple SLA's defined.


If there are two, it will show a Manage Rules tab where you can define rules to control which SLA to use.

If you only have one SLA, it will then look to see if there is one or multiple Service Levels defined within the SLA - so in your example this may equate to the different number of days you have for drafting the minutes. 

Again if there are multiple Service Levels inside your SLA a rules builder will be available and will allow you to set the rules for which Service Level should be invoked under different conditions:


Manage Rules


Individual Rules configuration


The options which you can make decisions (rules) which will in turn start the relevant Service Level on your request are currently:

* Prioirity

* Site

* Customer

* Organisation

* Catalog Item

* Team 

* Request Type

It is not currently possible to set rules based on progressive capture answers or custom fields.

We are adding in the next Service Manager build the option to also use 

* Logging Catgory

What this basically means is you can't currently set what you need based on the Meeting Type, however what you might be able to do is the following.

* Once the Meeting Type is set in a PC question, use the Entity > Requests > Get Request Information > Progressive Capture Answers node and follow this with a decision node, off the decision node you could set either the Priority, or the logging category differently based on your different meeting types, so that when you then use a Start Timer node, you can set rules in the SLA's based on either priority, or Logging category which will correspond to the meeting type and set the Service Level with the appropriate number of days to draft the minutes. 

A bit of a long winded explanation but hopefully it makes sense? 

There is a lot more info on SLA's etc on the wiki here:  https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Level_Agreements

The last point i would make is that you can create corporate SLA's which you can then link to services, and you would define the Service Level rules once,  for the corporate service levels, which will apply across all services where they are used, or you can create SLA's which are service specific from within each service and the rules each would only apply to requests logged against that service - it sounds to me like you would need a service specific SLA here, with different Service Levels for the different number of days for writing the draft minutes, and then then rules set based on priority, or logging category (in next SM update due in 10 days).

Hope that helps


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