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Steve Giller

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I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but I'm not sure it's been approached from the Boards side rather than the BPM side.

Could Boards have an optional setting to auto-purge cancelled requests?
Cancelled requests are not a major problem, but they do build up over time and being proactive enough to delete them manually isn't really happening. In most cases there is no benefit for a cancelled request being on a board, so if the functionality could be built in to automatically delete them it would be really useful.
Obviously having it optional would be required as some customers may have a use for keeping them on the board.


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Thanks James,
I thought I'd mentioned it before, although I couldn't find it - or I'd have just updated the thread.

I know one issue is that the Business Process doesn't have a real concept of triggering events such as 'If call is cancelled at any point, process these nodes' (at least not at our end) so I wondered if tying those actions to the Board itself would be easier to achieve.

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Guest Paul Alexander

Did this ever get implemented? 

We have a couple of boards which are now associated to a lot of cancelled requests and I can't see a way of automatically purging them all, so an option to do this automatically would certainly save me a ton of time! 

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Hi Paul,

It hasn't been implemented as of yet.  Still in our backlog, but no timeframe set for this to be developed.  While not completely automated, an option might be to create an AutoTask for use with a Custom Button.  You could set a condition on the custom button to only show when the status is cancelled.  You could then have the AutoTask run through a number of things on the request, cleaning it up.

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