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Option to add cc'd people as 'Members' of a ticket

Paul Alexander

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Is there a way of (optionally) adding CC'd people on an email as 'Members' of a ticket?

The scenario here is that someone from a team of people who are responsible for a particular software package may find a fault and email IT with details. The other members of their team should probably know about this problem, so they will be CC'd into this email. A ticket will then be raised from this email, but the CC'd people won't necessarily know about it. So, could there be an option to pick these CC'd people up while logging the ticket and adding them as 'members'?


The other option of course is to log the ticket through the Portal. Is there a way of selecting 'members' for a ticket in a Pro Cap? I see there's a 'connections' form but that doesn't seem to show me anything if it's logged from the Portal (although if I log from within Service Manager it does give you the option of choosing who to add...or am I doing something wrong?)

thank you


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Hi Paul, 

Thanks for your post.  There isn't a way at the moment to add people that have been CC'd on an email as Members of a request nor is there a way to add members via the Portal.  The members option has security implications as it will add people to the request who would not normally have visibility and give them access to view, update, and contribute to the request.  The people responsible for the software package would also need to be Service Manager users to access the request if they become a member.

I'm wondering if ''Connections'' might work for you?  There are also some BPM options for adding connections and email connections.  Once they are connections you can continue to email updates to them from the Email Action on a request.

Email Request Action including Connections:



BPM Options for Connections:




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