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Customers viewing their open requests within their department


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Hi all,

We have several department manager's who've requested the ability to view their departments open requests. i.e. A Call Centre supervisor would like to see open calls raised by any Customer Service Advisors in the department.

Is this possible within the self-service portal?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @dwalby

There is a system setting under Service Manager settings in the admin console

A setting to enable the manager to see all his managed staff requests

With this enabled, your manager would be able to see your requests on the portal.   So in my example below, with this setting enabled Daniel Matthews would be able to view Graham Clarkes requests.


Which will look like this


Hope that helps



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Thanks @Steven Boardman - this will work for us in some cases. However, as an example we have 3 assistant managers who oversee the operation of a department and often need to be aware of any impacts to the department as a whole, so they've requested the ability to view all requests raised within the department, not necessarily just their staff's.

For now though, I guess I can let the assistant managers know that they can view the requests of staff that report to them, but may need to collectively review open requests with other assistant managers.

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